Our 50 XPERTS | Zero-in Conference 2018


Apply to our Expert Network

Apply to join our 50 XPERTS


Offer 1.5 hours of your time to Startups, Companies and Founders looking for Advice in your expert field


On Wednesday 18th we host a dinner for the 50 Experts to meet and network before the conference


We offer profiles for every member of the 50X to help companies connect to you.

If accepted to the 50X you'll be required to have a ticket to the conference.

    These are the relevant themes for Zero-in Conf 2018.

The Expert Network is a group of curated experts in various fields. It’s application based and we heavily curate the 50 Expert Places with invites and applications from all corners of the globe.

Conference Attendees, Startups, Partners and other Experts can book in 3 x (30 minute) time slots with each expert during the duration of the conference.

We supply our own book-in system that Business can book your time.


  • The successful 50 will be offered a place in the 50X.
  • We will have a 50X profiles page for all our mentors.
  • On Wednesday April 18th we also organise the 50X dinner to introduce everyone.
  • Travel and accommodation will not be covered for experts.
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