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New Talk: Blockchain and TiesDB

Our Newest talk on the Block-Chain is hosted by Alexander Neymark CEO of TiesDB. TiesDB is: ‘Ties.DB. is designed to solve the problem of storing non-financial data and retrieving data at phenomenal speed for all decentralized applications. Decentralized projects that have at least one centralized component stop being decentralized However, we see today that many decentralized applications use a classical centralized database because they have no other choice. Centralized solutions provide the speed they need, and fully decentralized databases… don’t exist yet’.

Alexander will host a 20 minute talk on the Fintech Stage at 13hrs:

20 Minute Solo Talk – TBA

Speaker update 27.1.18

Today we release even more speakers for our April 19th Conference for our 2 Stages: Personalization in Fintech and Personalization in Marketing. From Talks to Panels we are delighted to welcome these Speakers to our stages.

Nick Worth

CMO Selligent | UK




Christof Jaritz

Director of Sales Branch | Europe



Filipe Castro

Co-Founder UTRUST | Switzerland



Karl McCarthy

Commercial Lead Tito | Dublin



Alexandre Gaillard

CEO InvestGlass | Switzerland



Christian Rauscher

CEO | Austria





Queens of the Blockchain


Kelsey Cole


Sally Eaves


Jillian Godsil


Els Meyvaert


Linda Wang


2018 is a new year with new opportunities for everyone. We start our 2018 conference on a new note as we introduce our ‘Queens of the Blockchain’. Talented, fresh female voices leading the wave of technologies like Blockchain, Crypto to Marketing from all over the world.


We provide a platform to bring these voices from across the Globe to come to Amsterdam April 19th to bring these topics forward on a European level.

Be part of the conversation and network. Book a ticket now

Featured Exhibitor: UTRUST

Adding their distinctiveness to our own, will be UTrust. Based in Switzerland they are taking the Crypto-world by storm.

UTRUST is a ground-breaking payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies while providing the best consumer protection in the market. A special protection mechanism secures buyers and sellers’ risk is minimized through an instant exchange from crypto to fiat currency – no dependence on swings of the crypto market. Next to showcasing on the Zero-in exhibitor floor, CIO Felipe Castro will join our Fintech Stage as one of our unique Speakers.

New Keynote: Antti-Jussi Suominen

As the CEO of Holvi Bank, Antti-Jussi Suominen hosts our latest Keynote release on ‘Contextual banking for microentrepreneurs’. This keynote will be on the Personalization in Fintech Stage at 13hrs and sure to be a ‘must attend’ talk of the conference.

Here is a small insight into the talk:
In the old world business bank accounts are just bank accounts – they bring no additional value to the microentrepreneur. For Holvi contextual banking in the microentrepreneur context starts with a fully capable current account on top of which we’ve integrated invoicing, expense management and online sales. Through these integrations the microentrepreneur gets a real time view on their business anytime, anywhere.

Check out his Keynote here: Contextual banking for microentrepreneurs

New Workshop: Getting the Valuation Right

We welcome back to our conference the wonderfully insightful Emrah Yalaz. Emrah will host a workshop in our workshops space:
Getting the Valuation Right: Science + Art + Magic.

Emrah created such a great workshop for our Dublin Festival that we absolutely wanted him back for the launch of our Personalization conference in Amsterdam. If you find valuation mystifying then join this workshop.

Check out his workshop right here:

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