20 Minute Solo Talk - Ties.DB and the blockchain ecosystem | Zero-in Conference 2018

20 Minute Solo Talk – Ties.DB and the blockchain ecosystem

Apr 19, 2018


Personalization in Fintech Stage

20 Minutes

Intermediate level

Blockchain is an excellent way to store unchangeable information about transactions, but it is not adapted to store documents, user profiles, articles and other content that you may need to publish, modify, delete or search quickly by its contents. The rapid growth of the decentralized applications market poses a global challenge to the storage of non-financial data. Therefore, the market has approached this problem with the use of decentralized databases.
In this case, the competition between different blockchains will only increase. The decentralized database will be a kind of technological bridge between different blockchains because it will allow any blockchain to supplement its infrastructure and compete with Ethereum on equal footing.
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