20 Minute Solo Talk: Contextual banking for microentrepreneurs | Zero-in Conference 2018

20 Minute Solo Talk: Contextual banking for microentrepreneurs

Apr 19, 2018


Personalization in Fintech Stage

30 Minutes

beginner, intermediate


Today’s growing businesses are not the giant corporations they used to be. Entrepreneurship is on the rise, Europe alone has over 20 M SME’s and out of those 90 % are micro businesses. They need new financial services and tools to manage their business. Traditionally banks have built their core offer around a one-size-fits-all product or service that often tries to be everything for everyone.

In the old world business bank accounts are just bank accounts – they bring no additional value to the microentrepreneur. For Holvi contextual banking in the microentrepreneur context starts with a fully capable current account on top of which we’ve integrated invoicing, expense management and online sales. Through these integrations the microentrepreneur gets a real time view on their business anytime, anywhere

  • Antti-Jussi Suominen


    Holvi Bank | Finland

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