Volunteers | Zero-in Conference 2018


The Personal Touch

    The main showday is event is Thursday April 19th
    We will do our best to accommodate wishes but all placement decisions are down to our Volunteer Coordinator.
    If you are from the EU, this question doesn't apply.

Volunteer with us

Our conference cannot happen without the support of all the volunteers, so we are trying our best to make things as comfortable as possible for all of you.

We have our volunteers on a rotation system during the main conference day so you get to experience more. This would be shift based.

On the lead up to the conference we will be sending out more information as well as more forms to try and understand where you will fit. But please make sure to apply using the form.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Conference
  • Zero-In T-Shirt
  • Food and Beverages during the event
  • Invite to the Afterparty
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